»Creativity is a gift and is deeply rooted in my heart«

I´m a longtime mediadesigner, located in the northern of Germany and my name is Iris C. Reinhardt,
Whether it was arts and crafts lessons in school, or my passion in the field of media design. 
 I´ve always been very fascinated to implement ideas and put a smile on my clients face, because they are satisfied with the result around.
I am looking back on more than 30 years of professional experience as a layout- and mediadesigner and I´m proud of it.
Always my heart belongs to create creative designs, sewing individual clothes and accessories.
With a lot of sensitivity and a lot of attention to detail, I´m creating wonderful designs with a certain something for my customers all around the world.
Besides mediadesign I love to work with rhinestones, glitter and everything which sparkles. High-quality materials from well-known manufacturers, are selected and combined by me with much love and care for beautiful unique pieces with the certain »something«.

And by the way:
I am pink addicted and this is the reason, why this color dominates my whole life.
I love to be totally creative and to create custom items - individual, handmade and lovemade, for you and your loved ones.

xoxo, Iris
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